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Investing in the future

As part of our 3-year plan, ACM is investing € 5 million in the future and growth of the company.

Phase 1: Acquisition of a 5-axis milling machine and 3D scanner

The mechanical machining workshop department has expanded its machine park with the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art IBARMIA 5-axis milling machine (ZVH 45/L3000 D) as well as a 3D scanner for precise metrological inspections. This allows us to expand our services to our customers.

Phase 2: Increased capacities by the construction of a new production hall

The new welding facility will not only enlarge the production area by 2,000 m², but will also be equipped with a range of new equipment. These include a powerful extraction system, a rail system for welding tables and new overhead travelling cranes, which will boost our lifting capacity to 32 tonnes.  

The production hall will also be fitted with a new photovoltaic system as well as underfloor heating.  Large window apertures will flood our workshop with natural daylight.

In addition to the technical advantages that will improve our production processes, we are also focusing on the well-being and improvement of the working environment of our employees and our ecological footprint.

Phase 3: Extension of the administration wing

Our production workshop is not the only one benefiting from the investment: the renovation of our offices with a new relaxing and dining area, the expansion of the technical office and the addition of modern meeting rooms will reflect our commitment to a pleasant working environment and constructive business relationships.

We look forward to the FUTURE!

Investing in the future - News
Investing in the future - News
Investing in the future - News
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