Welded structures for special machines
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Building of welded constructions for mechanical engineering

We produce welded constructions weighing up to 22 tons per unit in accordance with your preferences and demands.
We weld different types of steel and non-ferrous metals (steels, alloys, stainless steel, aluminium) to deliver the perfect machine for your area of use.
Machine welding expert - Welded structures

Welding for mechanical engineering, our specialist field

Our highly-trained employees produce welded constructions for the manufacture of special machines for the industry, as individual parts or machine welded modules. After a thorough project analysis, they produce complex welded modules of the highest precision and quality. All our welding work is carried out by highly skilled welders: especially for polished welding, all welding available in different finishes: electropolished, mirror polished or mechanical polishing.

Accredited know-how and standard-compliant manufacture

Technical skills matter! We therefore employ a welding engineer (IWE), a welding specialist (IWS) and several certified welders in our company. These welding experts are supported by our engineering team and technical draughtsmen.

Our company has extensive experience in the following welding techniques:

  • Semi-automatic MAG / MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Shielded metal-arc welding
  • Torch brazing.

We specialise particularly in the manufacture of welded structural elements in accordance with EN 1090-2 EXC3 and in the welding of pressure vessels in accordance with pressure directive 2014/68/EU.

Structural elements of a welded assembly
Specialist welder - Welded structures
Welded metal assembly - Welded structures

Optimum range of materials

Our welders process the following materials according to the MIG, MAG and TIG processes:

  • High quality structural steel
  • Different stainless steels
  • Heat-resistant and acid-resistant steel connections
  • Wear-resistant steel
  • Some non-ferrous metals, amongst others copper and aluminium
  • Other materials on request

Structural elements examples

  • Frames or underframes
  • Anti-corrosion tanks, lifting tools, dedicated machines for the automotive industry
  • Sorting and conveying systems for the wood sector
  • Parts or machine components for the recycling industry
  • Test benches for our aerospace customers
  • Stands, frames, protective cowls and double walled bunds for the paper industry
  • And so more…
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