A comprehensive suite of mechanical services

Depending on your needs, we manage your project from A to Z or support you in certain stages of the manufacturing process.

Our mechanical expertise

As specialists in metal construction, we produce complex and innovative mechanical assemblies to meet the unique needs of our industrial clients.

Our strength: crafting bespoke industrial machines, designed in our own technical engineering department according to the client's specifications.

Among our service offering, we provide full metal machining, forming, and welding services to create frames and assemble intricate, customised mechanical systems that enable our clients to automate their processes.

Industrial mechanical services

Who are our clients?

We work with all industrial companies looking for a trusted partner capable of overseeing a mechanical device manufacturing project with a 360-degree perspective.

Our strength lies in housing all the necessary trades and skills under one roof to successfully complete your project.

Our reliable and innovative mechanical devices are utilised across various industrial sectors, where we have numerous project references.